Class President Stu Wolpert's Corner


To the Class of '71,

Well, that happened.

First, I would like to send my good wishes to the class, their families, friends and loved ones in the hope everyone is navigating the early months of the pandemic safely and soundly. 

The sudden appearance and global impact of Covid-19 has been unprecedented in our lifetime and it's becoming evident the virus and its ramifications may be with us for years to come.

As we grapple with the daily fallout in the wake of the pandemic, we are faced with the question of our upcoming 50th class reunion, which you all know is scheduled for the summer of 2021. 
While the virus continues its devastating and unpredictable march we now must ask where that leaves us and what is to be done?  And the question has been raised whether it makes sense, in light of the medical, economic and logistical circumstances, if we should attempt to stage it at all?  

At this moment we can neither know or predict what the state of the world will be in 2021.  But our 50th class reunion is an important and much anticipated milestone in our lives and a moment in time that we would surely regret missing if we didn't make every possible effort to recognize, reunite and celebrate it.  So I would recommend we try to keep our original time window and move forward in making plans knowing our event may not resemble reunions past in size and scope but will conform to the reality of what is possible or likely while staying mindful of its place. 

I have been following other high school and college classes across the country as they scramble to find creative ways to keep their reunions on the calendar.  Generally, they range from cancellation, postponement, combining classes, outdoor picnics and virtual/interactive reunions via Facebook, Zoom or hybrids thereof. 

Whatever it is we ultimately decide upon, real plans and contingencies must be put in the works to make whatever it is we wish to happen -- happen.  But in making these plans all consideration will be given to the health and safety of our classmates.  We will try to ensure that every one of you who wishes to participate be confident and comfortable in your safety.  This will be the number one priority and we will work forward from there.  

This summer a committee will be assembling to begin the work of researching options, making plans, creating alternative strategies, gathering people and the resources to be ready in 2021.    
I am confident that with the work of the Reunion Committee and the collective participation of everyone from "the great Class of '71" we will rally to create a wonderful 50th reunion celebration that may yield surprises and special moments that we may not have imagined otherwise.  To paraphrase the old saying, "If they give us lemons, we'll make Gatorade."  

I will be in touch with you again in the coming weeks with updates on all progress.  

Be well, be safe, 

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Stu Wolpert 

Class President

Go Gators!

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